Deep learning and machine learning for the EOSC

Supporting artificial intelligence (machine learning and deep learning), parallel post-processing of very large data, and analysis of massive online data streams over distributed e-Infrastructures in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

The platform

Developing, training, sharing and deploying your model has never been easier!

Development environment

Get a Jupyter Lab environment to develop your model.

Train at scale

Browse and collaborate through the marketplace,submit your models to the EOSC resources, train and monitor their status.

Deploy as a service

Serve your models through a common HTTP endpoint, with automated deployment.

The project

Our project aims to prepare a new generation of e-infrastructures to support deep learning and other intensive computing techniques to exploit very large data sources.

  • Cloud and HPC.
  • Specialized services for intensive computing.
  • Integration with EOSC-services

We work with all players in the data-science ecosystem:

  • Data scientists.
  • Industry and SMEs.
  • Infrastructure and resource providers.
  • Data providers