Deep learning and machine learning for the EOSC

Supporting artificial intelligence (machine learning and deep learning), parallel post-processing of very large data, and analysis of massive online data streams over distributed e-Infrastructures in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

DEEP has won the EOSCHub week demo contest! Check the winning video demo here!

The platform

Developing, training, sharing and deploying your model has never been easier!

Development environment

Get a Jupyter Lab environment to develop your model.

Train at scale

Browse and collaborate through the marketplace,submit your models to the EOSC resources, train and monitor their status.

Deploy as a service

Serve your models through a common HTTP endpoint, with automated deployment.

The project

Our project aims to prepare a new generation of e-infrastructures to support deep learning and other intensive computing techniques to exploit very large data sources.

  • Cloud and HPC.
  • Specialized services for intensive computing.
  • Integration with EOSC-services

We work with all players in the data-science ecosystem:

  • Data scientists.
  • Industry and SMEs.
  • Infrastructure and resource providers.
  • Data providers