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DEEP Marketplace

We are glad to present an open ecosystem to foster the exchange of machine learning modules in the scientific community: the DEEP Marketplace. The catalogue includes all the applications developed in the DEEP Hybrid DataCloud project (DEEP), as well as external modules developed by users who want to share their applications and solution approaches within […]

Our Newsletter #1 is out!

The first Deep-HybridDataCloud Newsletter is out! It includes: An overview of the project including a summary of the main objectives and an introduction to some of the team members. Software Quality Alien4cloud for DEEP Udocker: Docker for users with no privileges Summary of past events and future events Enjoy!

Hybrid Virtual Elastic Clusters Across Clouds

Virtual clusters provide the required computing abstraction to perform both HPC (High Performance Computing) and HTC (High Throughput Computing) with the help of a LRMS (Local Resource Management System), such as SLURM, to be used as a job queue, and a shared file system, such as NFS (Network File System). Virtual elastic clusters in the […]

DEEP Webinar

Worried about the learning curve to introduce Deep Learning in your organization? Don’t be. The DEEP-HybridDataCloud project offers a framework for all users, including non-experts, enabling the transparent training, sharing and serving of Deep Learning models both locally or on hybrid cloud system. In this webinar we will be showing a set of use cases, […]

Quality software matters

This is true for any kind of software development effort, regardless of whether it is framed under a big collaboration project or consisting in a humble application created for a confined audience. Software quality assurance (SQA), manages the development lifecycle of a given software product with the ultimate, and apparently simplistic, aim to produce better […]

udocker: Docker for users with no privileges

udocker is a user tool to execute simple docker containers in user space, no root privileges required. Containers and specifically Docker containers have become pervasive in the IT world, either for development of applications, services or platforms, the way to deploy production services, support CI/CD DevOps pipelines and the list continues. One of the main […]

DEEPaaS training facility available in EOSC

Many research areas are being transformed by the adoption of machine learning and deep learning techniques. Research e-Infrastructures should not neglect this new trend, and develop services that allow scientists to employ these techniques, effectively exploiting existing computing and storage resources. The DEEP-Hybrid-DataCloud (DEEP) is paving the path for this transformation, providing machine learning and […]

DEEP as a Service: Deep Learning for everybody

First part: Running a module locally for prediction Deep Learning is nowadays at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence, shaping tools that are being used to achieve very high levels of accuracy in many different research fields. Training a Deep Learning model is a very complex and computationally intensive task requiring the user to have a […]


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 777435.

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