We are pleasured to announce that DEEP-Hybrid-DataCloud consortium has signed a collaboration agreement with EOSC-DIH, aiming at boosting the dissemination of DEEP offering and fostering the adoption of project solutions by SMEs. This collaboration will allow to perform industrial pilots, which will increase the acceptance in the market of DEEP solutions.

The EOSC DIH is a mechanism for private companies to collaborate with public sector institutions to access technical services, research data, and human capital.

The goal of the collaboration agreement is twofold, the promotion of the collaboration among DEEP-Hybrid-DataCloud and SMEs, and the dissemination of DEEP results through the EOSC-hub channels. The activities envisioned are:

  • Inclusion of the DEEP-Hybrid-DataCloud services in the EOSC DIH offering
  • ML implementation best practices and ML application porting to EOSC technological infrastructures
  • AI-enabled services prototyping in EOSC landscape
  • Identify SMEs interested in DEEP results, providing the resources to set up a business pilot, and facilitating the adoption of DEEP offering by SMEs
  • Disseminate DEEP offering through the EOSCH DIH channels to promote the interaction among providers, SMEs and DEEP consortium